Healthy Lifestyle – Myths And Facts

Healthy Lifestyle

The first thing that comes to our mind by listening healthy lifestyle is – Diet. But is diet the only thing? Is diet all? The answer is No. The concept of living a heathy life is very broad and variant. It can be understood by three simple questions – what, why and how?


A simple example to understand the dept of it can be a pizza. Hmm…we all started drooling right!  But if you’re presented a big fat dough or a bowl of baked cheese & sauce and claimed it to be a pizza, would you believe it? Would you eat that? No! absolutely not. Just as only dough or only cheese cannot be stated as a complete pizza similarly diet or exercise alone cannot be claimed as living a healthy life, they are the part of the complete cycle. So, the fact stating having a proper diet consists of living a healthy life is a big myth.

Healthy lifestyle consists of balance. Balance among all the 5 components of the cycle. The components are:

  1. Physical – contains a healthy diet, regular exercise, good sleep and personal hygiene.
  2. Social – consists person’s active social life, relationships, family and friends.
  3. Emotional – includes one’s feelings, stress management, coping skills and optimism.
  4. Psychological – consists of habits, taste and preferences, thoughts and daily activities.
  5. Environmental – consists of one’s surroundings, occupational state and living situation.

Healthy Lifestyle


The question of why is it important to have a healthy lifestyle can be solved by saying: to live a good and fulfilling life. Living a healthy lifestyle can improve one’s mood and energy levels, keeps the body in check, strong bones and teeth, good heart health, improved memory and brain health, etc.

A person can enjoy good physical, social and mental status which overall leads to a better and happy life.


Once the why is clear the how is easy! You can maintain a healthy lifestyle by changing few habits and activities in daily routine.

  • Balanced diet
  • 7-8 hours of sleep.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Drink sufficient water
  • Consume less alcohol and avoid harmful supplements
  • Think positive and balance your emotions
  • Good environment and peaceful work place.

 Good health is not just good physic or sharp mind but is a mixture of all the above things in proper manner. Thus, living a healthy lifestyle is not complicated only requires will and efforts.